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PLA Daily: Military Incidents Have Been Politicalized to Damage the PLA’s Image

PLA Daily carried an article saying that there have been a number of cases in which military incidents or military family members involvement in illegal activities have been exaggerated on the Internet resulting in serious damage to the PLA’s image. The article stated that the parties behind it are the “Internet water army” or experts backed by western hostile forces who intend to win the battle of Internet public opinion.

According to the article, the PLA must learn to fight with such invisible enemies, give immediate responses to those damaging remarks, fight against wrongful ideology, and win the “war without smoke.” It said that the PLA should actively create microblogs and web chat platforms to broadcast positive messages online in order to gain the discourse right while patiently clarifying any misunderstandings, rectifying incorrect public opinions, and firmly cutting off any source that will cause damage to the PLA.

Source: PLA Daily, January 26, 2014