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Russian Media: China is Taking Advantage of Russia’s Reliance on China

Huanqiu reported that, according to a Russian media (New World website), Russia is enabling China to arm to the teeth. During the recent Russian defense minister’s visit to China several arms sales transactions took place. The visit completed the process of making China a Russian strategic military partner and provided China access to Russian level one important military technology. China now has received small quantities of advanced Russian military products for further research and development. These products are subject to export control in Russia. Many of the advanced munitions that China is interested in purchasing have been developed in recent years and can fundamentally change the balance of power around China, including in part of Russia. Even during the Sino-Russia honeymoon time under Stalin, the trust between the two countries was not as close as the level today. 

Huanqiu further reported that according to the Russian media, Russia felt obliged to offer the technology because it has become trapped due to its long-term reliance on China. “In fact, the Eastern friend of Russia is taking advantage of a geopolitical pattern that is unfavorable to Russia and has been engaged in soft diplomatic blackmail.” 
Source: Huanqiu, November 25, 2014