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Study Times: Developing Battlefields for Future Warfare in Different Spaces

Study Times published an article discussing how to develop the capability to build and enhance the battlefields for future warfare that may take place in different spaces.

Outer Space: Send more military satellites to occupy the diminishing number of space orbit tracks and spectrums, develop outer space battle and support exercises, and, in particular, develop a multi-approach space surveillance system for space threat warnings.

The Internet: In addition to developing infrastructure, there is a need to develop Internet surveillance capability, create a global Internet map, establish attack positions for global network warfare, and develop strategic preparations for large-scale network warfare.

The North and South Poles: Increase research activities in the polar areas and gradually build the polar bases’ infrastructure.

Deep-Sea Space: Build deep-sea exploration equipment and deep-sea research centers; create a deep-sea military and establish surveillance bases; deploy deep-sea weapons; improve the capability of deep-sea communication, supply, repair, and rescue.

Underground Space: Improve the protective camouflage system and also improve underground construction capabilities.

Source: Study Times, March 9, 2015