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Supreme Court’s New Charge against Zhou and Bo

For the first time, the Supreme People’s Court has  accused disgraced top cadres Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, and others of engaging in political activities "not approved" by the Communist Party. The claim was made in the court’s annual work report, published on Wednesday. The report said that court staff should "clearly recognize the serious damage" that Zhou, Bo, and others caused. They "trampled on the rule of law, undermined the Party’s solidarity, and engaged in political activities [not approved by the Party]."
According to Zhuang Deshui, a scholar at Beijing University, the new term of "political activities not approved by the party (非组织政治活动)" tells two things: first, these political activities are illegal; second, these activities do not conform to the formal procedural requirements of the Party. It’s like the Gang of Four, who established a small interest group to gain political power and influence over the public.
Zhang Xixian, a Central Party School professor, believes that political activities usually involve political principles and political directions. Political activities not approved by the Party should refer to political activities that are the opposite of the direction of the Party’s organizational principles, and even in violation of the Party’s policies. They exhibit anti-Party characteristics in that they betray the Party’s ideals.
Source: Beijing Youth Daily, March 19, 2015