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People’s Daily: China’s Air Force Exercises in the Far Sea Will Be Routine

After China’s Air Force recently performed training exercises in the West Pacific ocean over the Bashi Channel [the body of water between Taiwan and the Philippines archipelago] for the first time, People’s Daily interviewed Chinese military expert Major General Yin Zhuo. Yin said that, in the future, the Chinese air force training in the far sea will certainly be routine. It will conduct co-training with the Navy, so it will truly become a joint operation between the two forces. 

Yin said, "In the future [China’s Air Force] may also go to the open sea (for exercises). It will go through the northern airspace, through the Miyako waterway, or the Osumi Strait airspace. These airspaces are international public airspaces. For the Chinese Air Force to fly in these airspaces is entirely consistent with international law; no country has the right to interfere."  

Source: People’s Daily: March 31, 2015