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Li Keqiang Criticizes Burdensome Bureaucracy

At the Executive Meeting of China’s State Council on April 15, Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang criticized some ministries and local governments for having burdensome bureaucratic processes and called for an immediate streamlining of the process and for speeding up decentralization. 

Li observed, "The policies that were discussed and approved at the State Council executive meeting that the Minsters attended have been held up so that several division chiefs can do ‘quality control.’" He then asked, "Isn’t this procedure upside down?” "You, ministers, were at the meeting and did not present any disagreement. Now you need to have several division chiefs do ‘quality control?’" “It took more than a year for the central government to come up with these policies. Now it takes another year to go through all of these procedures. Isn’t this absurd?"  
Li said that to overcome this "chronic illness," it would first be necessary to accelerate the transformation of government functions so that they decentralize. Second, the participants should be proactive and pay close attention to policy implementation. 
Source: Xinhua, April 15, 2015