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Shanghai Situation: Lead Medical Expert Wanted to Go to Hubei

According to China’s official media, Shanghai is relatively stable facing the novel coronavirus challenge. However, netizens have been posting different news items about the severity of the infection in Shanghai. Two pieces of information might give people an inside look into the real situation there:

1. According to Jiefang Daily, the official newspaper of the Shanghai Communist Party Committee, Shanghai established a “Dynamic Health Monitoring System for People Who Came to Shanghai” after January 31, 2020. By February 7, total of 1.68 million people had registered with the system, including 360,000 people who registered on February 7. This would mean the Shanghai government and health officials are monitoring at least 1.68 million people.

2. Youth Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee, reported that when Shanghai was collecting doctor’s names as its fourth patch to go to Hubei province on February 8, Zhang Wenhong, the head of Shanghai Medical Treatment Expert Group (to fight the novel coronavirus), expressed his desire to go to Wuhan. There were many WeChat discussions because the people of Shanghai were afraid when they heard that their lead medical expert wanted to leave Shanghai.

1. Excerpt in Chinese:




Source: Jiefang Daily, February 8, 2020

2. Excerpt in Chinese:



Source: Youth Daily, February 9, 2020