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Global Times: U.S. Praise of the Dongfeng 21-D Missile Harbors Ill Intentions

China’s state-media Global Times recently published an article reminding China to keep a sober mind toward the U.S. media’s praise of China’s Dongfeng-21D missile being a killer weapon that can destroy U.S. aircraft and not to follow the Soviet Unions’ path of failure. 

The article said, “As we all know, the United States has never stopped preparing for potential conflict against China. From the U.S. media or its military’s mouth, China’s arsenal Dongfeng-21D is the greatest ‘killer’ threat to the United States. It is as if, having the Dongfeng-21D, China will be able to control the U.S.’ life or death and then just sit back and relax. This kind of propaganda actually is exactly the same tactic as ‘the Soviet submarine threat’ that the U.S. used during the Cold War. At that time, the U.S. tried to do everything possible to hype that Soviet nuclear submarines are a ‘strong deterrent’ to the U.S. aircraft carrier. However, they had [secretly] balanced the development of aircraft carriers, submarines, and other ships, and built up a full range of sea power. Today, the United States hopes to use the same old trick to interfere with the balanced development of the Chinese navy so as to achieve the effect of defeating its opponent without a fight. 
“In modern warfare, one or two ‘killer’ weapons are unable to reverse the overall situation. China should keep a sober mind about the U.S. media’s touting of the Dongfeng-21D or some other ‘secret weapon.’ Thankfully, in recent years, China has been promoting the pace of key weaponry and equipment, developing large surface combat ships, new submarines, aircraft, long-range missiles with strong penetration ability, large, deep and high-speed smart torpedoes, and other new generation weaponry. This shows that the Chinese navy’s development strategy has not bit into the U.S. interference. Some U.S. groups’ ill intention is also doomed to fail.” 

Source: Global Times, August 25, 2015