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Internet Censorship Heightens as September 3 Draws Near

China Digital Times reported that the State Council Information Office ordered heightened Internet censorship for the period from August 23 through September 5, 2015, for online news and comments on China’s commemoration parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The parade will take place on September 3, when Chinese leaders will review the troops. 

Specifically, all online postings of news and comments regarding the commemoration parade must be reviewed by the Internet content inspection staff before being released to the public. Only positive comments may be released. No negative comments on the military and on the parade can be released.  Comments “attacking” the Party, Communist China, the political system or Chinese leaders cannot be released. Further, there should be no comments posted that distort the history of the Party or of Communist China. Also prohibited are “comments that misguide” and “harmful information.”  Comments that praise the Party and military are required to be displayed in a prominent position. Point of contact information for the content inspection staff on duty at Internet companies must be reported and placed on file with the authorities. Internet companies are asked to “attach great importance” to this matter and to cooperate actively with the authorities. Those who do not fully implement the censorship “will be dealt with severely.” 
Source: China Digital Times, August 24, 2015