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Ministry of National Defense’s Spokesperson on CMC Administrative Organ Reshuffle

China has continued its military reform. On January 11, Xi Jinping met the new leaders of the Central Military Commission’s (CMC’s) 15 administrative organs.

After the adjustment, the former four headquarters/departments of the CMC, namely the General Staff Headquarters (GSH), the General Political Department (GPD), the General Logistics Department (GLD), and the General Armaments Department (GAD), were replaced by 15 functional sections including seven departments (offices), three commissions, and five directly affiliated bodies.

The 15 functional sections are: CMC General Office, CMC Joint Staff Department, CMC Political Work Department, CMC Logistic Support Department, CMC Equipment Development Department, CMC Training Management Department, CMC National Defense Mobilization Department, CMC Discipline Inspection Commission, CMC Political and Legal Affairs Commission, CMC Science and Technology Commission, CMC Strategic Planning Office, CMC Reform and Formation Office, CMC International Military Cooperation Office, CMC Audit Office, and CMC General Affairs Administration.

Wu Qian, a spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense held a news conferences and answered many questions on the CMC changes. The whole English translation of the Question and Answers is available at:

Source: Xinhua, January 11, 2016