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Expert: U.S. Can Monitor Nearly Half of China if “THAAD” Enters Korea

How much harm can the "THAAD" Missile System do to China if it enters Korea? CCTV interviewed Chinese military expert Du Wenlong, who said that, if the THAAD system is deployed in Korea, the United States will further improve its capability of reconnaissance and surveillance activity in China. Previously, U.S. ships and planes had to come close to China’s territory to conduct surveillance, covering the surface above the water, under the water, the air, and any other range. If the "THAAD" enters Korea, the U.S. military will increase its reconnaissance capabilities deep into China’s hinterland and will have a combination of fixed and mobile reconnaissance and surveillance. It can do real-time monitoring and continuous surveillance of different launch activities in China. This will have a serious impact on China’s national security. 

In addition, the "THAAD" system deployed in South Korea will extend U.S. strategic surveillance "eyes" farther, and further expand the scope of monitoring and surveillance of China. Nearly half of China’s national territory is within its monitoring range. If its radar system improves further in the future, the reconnaissance range will be even greater. 

Source: People’s Daily, February 26, 2016