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Central Military Commission Launched Trial Sites to Cease PLA and Armed Forces’ Paid Services

Guangming Daily reported that, on May 7, a conference was held in Beijing to carry out the directives to cease the PLA and the Armed Forces’ paid service work. Xi Jinping and the Central Military Commission had initially initiated the work at the end of March. The conference listed 17 paid service groups for the first round of trial units. The list included vacant land leasing agencies, military hospitals, news publishers, and hotels. The goal is to use these trial sites to gain the experience to come up with policies which can be used to close all paid service work.

According to the article, the Central Military Commission published a notice at the end of March which requires all PLA and Armed Forces to cease all paid service contract work. The notice stated that, effective immediately, no new projects will be launched, no existing projects will be renewed, and any projects that can be stopped through negotiation must end. The notice also included rules and guidelines to implement these directions. It said that the Commission plans to spend the next three years implementing the plan.

Source: Guangming Daily, May 8, 2016