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Xinhua: Over Two Million Migrant Workers Suffered Wage Arrears

Xinhua recently reported, based on data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, that over 2.77 million migrant workers suffered wage arrears in 2015. That’s a 20 percent increase over 2014. In 2015, average migrant worker monthly income was RMB 3,072 yuan (around US$473) and the average annual wage arrears was RMB 9,788 yuan (around US$1,506). Only 36.2 percent of the migrant workers had a formal labor contract with their employers. Statistics also showed that 39.1 percent of the migrant workers worked over eight hours daily and 85 percent worked over 44 hours weekly. Among the migrant workers with wage arrears, those who worked in Central China suffered the most, with those in Western China second; those in Eastern China suffered the least. In 2015, most of the wage arrears occurred in the construction industry, followed by the manufacturing industry; the transportation industry was third. Migrant worker wage arrears occurred across all major industrial categories. The average age of migrant workers has been increasing consistently over the past several years.
Source: Xinhua, April 28, 2016