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Stability Control: Hubei Party Propaganda Department Had 1,600 People Monitor Internet Postings

Epoch Times, an independent Chinese language news media, revealed a work report from the Hubei Provincial Communist Party Committee Propaganda Department. The report, dated February 15, 2020, was submitted to the Hubei Epidemic Control Command Center.

The report claimed:

  • By February 14, primary media under Hubei’s control had posted nearly 50,000 articles. 25 new media products, including touching stories about the medical staff, construction progress of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, and hospitals releasing healed patients, had over 100 million viewers; a Tik Tok video series on epidemic control was watched 15 billion times; and epidemic-related postings on Weibo were read 32 billion times.
  • Since January 22, the Propaganda Department hosted one news conference every day to proactively release authoritative information. By February 14, it had released 828 “authoritative messages” on Internet media.
  • It has mobilized 1,600 public opinion monitors to monitor all Internet postings around the clock. They found 606,800 sensitive, harmful messages. The department “refuted rumors online,” “struck (rumor creators) effectively offline,” and refuted 1,474 rumors. It submitted requests to the State Network Information Office to delete 54,000 rumors and harmful messages. It also organized Internet celebrities to write 400 commentaries and mobilized people to post 400,000 comments (to counter rumors or harmful messages or to support official viewpoints).
  • A total of 60 foreign news reporters from 33 foreign media came to Wuhan. It successfully convinced 47 to leave.

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Source: Epoch Times, February 18, 2020