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Virus Origin: SARS Virus Was Leaked in Beijing in 2004

According to reports from several official media, China leaked the SARS virus from its laboratory in 2004. Around the Chinese New Year period of 2004 (late January 2004), a staff member at the National Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took the SARS virus out of the center’s Biocontainment Level 3 (BL3) lab (China calls it a P3 lab), and conducted further testing in a regular, less protected lab.

Due to the leak, there were nine cases of infection in Beijing and Anhui Province. The World Health Organization (WHO) also sent specialists to participate in the investigation of the leak.

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1. Excerpt in Chinese:


Source: China News Agency, July 1, 2004

2. Excerpt in Chinese:

本報北京7月1日訊  記者白劍峰報道:衛生部今天公布北京、安徽發生非典疫情原因調查結果。WHO的專家參與了部分調查工作。


Source: People’s Daily, July 1, 2004