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Leadership: China Postponed the “Lianghui” (“The Two Conferences”)

The “Lianghui,” or the “Two Conferences,” is a common Mandarin Chinese abbreviation for the national or local People’s Congress and the national or local committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. It’s a rubber stamp process to show that representatives of the people in the country or in a local region review and approve the work of the central or local government and make decisions on the personnel in the committees of the People’s Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Conference.

The national level of the “Lianghui” was scheduled to be held in Beijing in early March. There had been reports that Beijing would postpone them due to the coronavirus outbreak. On February 24, Beijing officially announced the suspension decision without a specific date for when the meetings would be rescheduled.

Ming Pao, a Hong Kong based media with ties to Beijing, reported on February 20 that Xi Jinping did not want to postpone the meetings. Most of the Politburo Standing Committee members preferred to do so. There were three reasons against holding the conferences:

  • Gathering over 10,000 people in Beijing presents a big risk of coronavirus infection.
  • Li Keqiang strongly requested that the meeting be postponed because he needed to rewrite the government work report to re-adjust for the impact of the epidemic .
  • Officials are tied to fighting the coronavirus and do not have time to prepare for the two conferences.

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