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Leadership: Wuhan Unlocked the City for Three Hours and Then Re-closed It

The Wuhan Epidemic Control Command Center issued its No. 17 Order on February 24, stating, “People from other places stuck in Wuhan can leave the city.” The city was temporarily opened.

Three hours later, the Command Center issued its No. 18 Order to declare the previous order invalid. It stated that the No. 17 order “was issued by the Transportation Control Team of the municipal Command Center, without the Command Center’s review and main leadership approval.” Thus, the city’s lockdown was reinstated.

The previous order was said to have been signed by a Deputy Mayor of Wuhan.

The Paper criticized the Wuhan government for issuing an order and nullifying it shortly thereafter. It asked for an investigation of the incident.

[Editor’s Note: Ding Xiangyang, the Deputy Chief Secretary of the State Council, stated on February 20 that Xi Jinping gave the direction to lock down Wuhan (see post Leadership: Ding Xiangyang: It Was Xi Jinping Who Ordered the Wuhan Lockdown). It is not very clear who made the decision to unlock it and who rejected it. Rationally speaking, it would need someone at a position much higher than a Deputy Mayor to decide to end the Wuhan lockdown. Then someone in a high position rejected that decision after it was announced.]

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Source: The Paper, February 25, 2020