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China Threatened Czech Republic That Its Companies Will Be Punished if Czech Senate Speaker Visits Taiwan

On January 10, China’s Embassy in the Czech Republic, sent a letter to the Czech President’s Office, stating that, if the Czech Senate Speaker Jaroslav Kubera visited Taiwan, Czech companies operating in mainland China, such as Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda Auto or lender Home Credit Group, would be punished.

Kubera died unexpectedly on Jan. 20, before his trip took place.

The letter stated, “Czech companies whose representatives visit Taiwan with Chairman Kubera will not be welcome in China or with the Chinese people.”

“Czech companies who have economic interests in China will have to pay for Chairman Kubera’s visit to Taiwan. China is the largest foreign market for many Czech companies like Skoda Auto, Home Credit Group, Klaviry Petrof and others.”

The Czech president’s spokesman confirmed the letter had been received but did not comment on its contents.

Source: Reuters, February 19, 2020