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PLA Ordered 1.4 Million Bullet Proof Vests

Apple Daily, a media based in Hong Kong, reported that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) opened a bid for suppliers to provide 1.4 million bullet proof vests, including 930,000 general vests and 467,000 vests with enhanced functions. The price may be up to 13.4 billion yuan (US $1.92 billion).

Currently the PLA army has 13 armies, with 850,000 soldiers. This order, being the largest bullet proof vest order, will give an average of 1.65 bullet proof vests per person.

Some analysts thinks this was the PLA’s deterrence to Taiwan.

Also, China revealed its second 075-class amphibious assault ship at the Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. This type of ship is designed for “military actions against Taiwan.”

Source: Apple Daily, February 26, 2020