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Public Opinion: People Unsatisfied That Government Gave Dr. Li Wenliang an “Advanced Individual” Title

After Dr. Li Wenliang, one of the eight people (all physicians in Wuhan) who warned the public about the novel coronavirus, passed away on February 6, 2020, the public was in deep mourning. Beijing sent a group to Wuhan to investigate his case.

On March 5, the National Health Commission awarded him, posthumously, along with over 500 other people, the title of “Advanced Individual for Epidemic Prevention and Control.”

However, since it has been a month, people are questioning why the authorities have not completed and published their investigation showing the result of Dr. Li’s case. After Dr. Li informed others about the SARS-like pneumonia, Dr. Li was mistreated and received warnings from both his hospital and the Public Security Bureau .

People are waiting for the government’s official apology to Dr. Li. However, a dissident pointed out that the government would never do that as, “The Public Security organ is the core of (the regime’s) stability maintenance. If people pushed for accountability, they would never apologize but would just brush it off.  … It was the (government’s) ineffective control that caused this disaster. How could it blame itself?”

Wang Guangfa, a doctor from the No 1 Hospital of Beijing University who also died after the Coronavirus infection, was one of the awardees. Wang, a member of the first National Health Commission’s expert group sent to Wuhan in early January, told the public that the virus was “controllable” and “could not be transmitted from person to person.” [Editor’s Note: There were reports that, by then, person-to-person infections had become known and were reported to the National Health Commission, so Wang might have made that statement out of the Communist Party’s need for “stability maintenance.”]

People are saying that Wang owes a lot to the Wuhan people, including those thousands of souls that have left this world.

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与李文亮并列,获追授 “防疫先进个人”的还有国家卫健委专家组成员,北京大学第一医院医生王广发。今年一月,王广发与国家卫健委专家到武汉展开调查,其后公开表示,新型病毒致病性较弱,“疫情可防可控”. 后来他自己也确诊感染武汉肺炎。


Source: Radio Free Asia, March 6, 2020