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Hiding Information: Residents Shouted “Fake” When Sun Chunlan Visited a Residential Neighborhood

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, it has been rare to see high-rank officials visiting people. Sun Chunlan, Vice Premier and the head the Central Government’s Supervisory Group to Hubei Province, visited a residential neighborhood on March 5, but she was greeted with the residents’ shouts of “Fake.”

According to a video that a local resident provided, when Sun and other officials entered the gate, the apartment residents, who had been forced to stay at home for several weeks, shouted things such as, “Fake, Fake, Everything is Fake.” “The vegetables that the public can buy are too expensive!” “Formalism!”

In the discussion at a WeChat group of the residents, one person concluded, “When Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and Wuhan Municipal Party Secretary Wang Zhonglin came to our building, the property management office didn’t allow us to go downstairs (to meet them). They arranged fake volunteers to deliver vegetables and meat to us.” (Editor’s Note: In Wuhan, people are forced to stay in their apartments and not allowed to go out. The government arranges for people to deliver food to them.)

Another posting said, “The Vice Premier and Wuhan municipal leaders left in the middle of their visit (to our community).”

The official media reported that, afterwards Sun scolded the local officials saying, “Do not hide the problems.” Global Times admitted that online postings regarding the visit were basically true. The Wuhan government then sent people to go to each apartment to gather the resident’s feedback.

People have been commenting, “This is a different kind of human rights appeal under the epidemic.” “We told the emperor to his face that he wasn’t wearing new clothes.” “So glad to shout out the truth!”

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Source: Radio Free Asia, March 6, 2020