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Local Government: Hubei People Struggle to Live in Other Provinces

Apple Daily, a Hong Kong media, reported that people from Hubei Province are experiencing difficulties trying to live in other provinces after the outbreak of the coronavirus, as local governments have carried out efforts to gather and quarantine people who came out of Hubei.

Xiao Jun, a Hubei citizen who came to work at Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province a year ago and has stayed there since then, has been unable to find a job, simply because he is from Hubei. In the Hubei folks WeChat group that he joined, which has over 200 members, people shared their experiences of not being able to find a job in other provinces. They have also not been able to go home either (because their hometowns are locked down); many people can’t find a place to live and thus have to stay homeless at train station or on the street. Someone also shared a picture with the WeChat group: an industry region in Guangzhou erected a sign that said “Cars and People from Hubei Are not Allowed to Enter.”

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Source: Apple Daily, March 9, 2020