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“World Leader”: China’s Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Is Ready for Human Testing

Global Times, a publication under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) mouthpiece People’s Daily, tweeted on March 17:

“#Breaking: Recombinant #COVID19 vaccine developed by the team led by top PLA epidemiologist Chen Wei was approved to launch clinical trials in#China on Monday”

Science Net reported on March 17, that Wang Junzhi, a member of the China Engineering Academy, said at a State Council press conference that China’s vaccine research team has started recruiting volunteers for testing.

“This is an institution which has made fast progress in the development of a vaccine, submitted a clinical trial application to the State Drug Administration and started reviewing the clinical trial plan and recruiting volunteers.” “We are among the leading tier of the countries in novel coronavirus vaccine R&D work and will not be slower than foreign countries.”

Wang said that China picked eight teams to focus on five technical areas when launching the vaccine development work. Most of the teams will complete a pre-trial study in April and gradually start clinical trials afterward. Some team(s) are even faster.

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Source: Science Net, March 17, 2020