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World Against the CCP: Italian Officials Said CCP Lied

To boost its image as a world leader in fighting the coronavirus, the Chinse Communist Party (CCP) claimed that it had sent donations of medical supplies to Italy and that the Italian people were grateful to China.

However, United Daily News, a Taiwan media, reported that this has resulted in a wave of criticism from Italian politicians and reporters.

Maurizio Gasparri, the former Minister of Transportation, said, “China has not given us anything as a gift. We paid for all those materials. China is the worst country on Earth. They used unfair competition methods to plunge other countries into an economic crisis. They are the country with the most severe plastic pollution and carbon emissions, the country that has not revealed the truth about the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, and also the country that deliberately delayed and provided false information under the leadership of the CCP. China is a cancer on the Earth. Europe needs to wake up from this situation and stop being fooled by China’s lies. China is not a resource but a danger to the Earth.”

Congresswoman Giorgia Meloni said, “They cannot cheat us. China is not the savior of our country.” “It’s the Chinese who brought the virus to Italy. Don’t treat China as a role model.”

Renowned reporter Guilia Pompili also wrote that the CCP’s recent attempt to promote “China’s style of epidemic control as a model” and its export of medical supplies are a part of its propaganda campaign. “Observing Chinese media, you can see its main theme is ‘Charity China.’”

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日前,義大利前通訊部長加斯帕里(Maurizio Gasparri)在網路影片痛斥中共:


對於中共悖離事實的大肆宣傳,除了前通訊部長加斯帕里以網路直播痛斥,有「美女議員」之稱的義大利國會議員梅洛尼(Giorgia Meloni)也揭露,中共宣揚專機運送物資到義大利是騙術,梅洛尼強調:「他們騙不了我,中國不是我們國家的救世主。」「是中國人將病毒帶到義大利,千萬別將中國當成模範樣板。」

義大利知名記者龐皮利(Guilia Pompili)也撰文指出,根據外交部和民防部消息來源證實,中國寄來的東西並非免費,也並非捐贈,而是由義大利外交部長向中方採購。龐皮利強調,近期中共積極美化宣傳「中國抗疫的全球模式」,現在又大量出口醫療物資,這是第二波政治文宣。龐皮力奉勸世人,只要觀察中共官方媒體,就可以發現目前的宣傳主軸正是「慈善的中國」。

Source: United Daily News, March 18, 2020