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Propaganda and Lies: Overseas Chinese Fell for the Propaganda That China’s Epidemic Was Over

To portray itself as the world leader in fighting the novel coronavirus, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been reporting extremely low infection cases or even zero counts in many provinces for many days. Thus many Chinese overseas, thought that China’s epidemic was over and returned to China to seek a “safe haven” as other parts of the world are reporting high infections.

However, after landing in China, they soon realized that things were much different from what they thought. The “motherland” did not want them.

Media reported China’s airports were packed with Chinese returning “home.” They were all tested. If they tested clean they were put under 14 days of quarantine. Some people complained about the forced-quarantines and the violation of human rights. It was a concept that overseas Chinese had, but people in the mainland had already yielded to the CCP’s rule

Some complained about the living conditions of the quarantine, which ranged from no pure water to drink and no water to take a shower or wash clothes, to the room not being cleaned from the previous quarantine use and the windows and doors being locked from the outside (thus, people quarantined inside could not get out).

Some also complained that they were forced to pay high quarantine fees to the hotels.

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Excerpt in Chinese:

【回国被隔离女子投诉没有 “人权” 没有干净水】



隔离期间的费用应该由谁负担,一直各执一词。根据传染病防治法, “实施隔离措施的政府应对被隔离人员提供生活保障。”  生活保障又是否包括酒店费和其他杂费?




Source: Radio Free Asia, March 16, 2020