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Chinese Scholar: Recession Is Inevitable

Xu Xiaonian, a professor of economics and finance at the China Europe International Business School, said that as long as the pandemic in Europe and America is not over, Chinese export companies will have no orders, and a recession is inevitable. Xu made the remarks at the CEIBS Alumni Association on the evening of March 26 when discussing the outlook for the recent pandemic and the Chinese economy.

Xu Xiaonian said in his speech that the current rate of resumption of work is actually meaningless. “Where are the orders?”  He asked.

Xu believes that many of the online discussions about an international pandemic are “foolish.” As long as the pandemic in Europe and America is not over, China has no orders; workers have no wages and there is no consumption. “We are not able to finish the rest of the course by ourselves. We have to accompany the whole world to finish the entire journey. Only when the world economy returns to normal can China be normal. ”

“We can’t close the door and play by ourselves. We are not only short of food and oil, but we are also short of markets; we are short of orders. Our per capita GDP is one-fifth of that of the United States and one-fourth that of Europe. The domestic purchasing power cannot support our enormous manufacturing capacity.”

He also said, “We still lack raw materials, especially the technology-intensive basic raw materials, which must be imported from South Korea, Japan and Germany. We lack technology, and technology cannot be developed rapidly when we close the door.”

Source: Sina, March 30, 2020