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Xinhua: According to a Russian Journal, the West’s major strategic mistake is misjudging China

Global Times published a Xinhua article on March 31, 2010, introducing an article from a Russian journal, “The major strategic mistake the West has made in the past 20 years is its incorrect assessment of China’s potential and ambition.”

It said that “China’s GDP at purchasing power parity conversion has increased from 4.8 trillion in 1999 to 8.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2009.” However, “China’s economic flaws and uneven development require China to take a tough political line. Otherwise, the conflicts that have accumulated in China will manifest.”

The article stated, “The U.S. estimates that the deadline for the U.S. to beat China in a war is 2017.” However, “the decline of Western civilization will give China a better chance to become the undisputed world leader within the next 30 years.”

Source: Global Times, March 31, 2010