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Minister of Public Security on Social Stability and Corruption

On March 29, 2010, the last day of a training session for nationwide Public Security Bureau chiefs, Yang Huanning, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Minister of Public Security, spoke on social stability and corruption:

(We ought to) have a clear understanding of the influence and challenges to social stability at China’s current economic and social development stage, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of mission of safeguarding national security and social stability, conduct an in-depth study on how to effectively and properly dispose of social unrest, how to further strengthen foundational and preventive work, and how to further improve the public security authority’s law enforcement ability and quality….(We ought to) study and solve the current problems in fund management from the policies and system aspects, manage and make good use of state and local fiscal funds, firmly prevent extravagance and waste, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of different forms of corruption.
Source: Ministry of Public Security, March 30, 2010