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Diplomacy: CCP Changed to a Hawk Style in Its Diplomacy

Reuters reported that, at present, Chinese diplomats are changing to a hawk style diplomacy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently commented, in response to a Reuter’s request, that Chinese diplomats from all age groups are determined to “resolutely safeguard” national sovereignty and security.

Reuters said that the shift came after Xi Jinping gave a handwritten message to diplomats last year, calling on them to show more “fighting spirit” in the face of international challenges, such as deteriorating relations with the United States. State Council member and Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave the same message to officials attending the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the ministry’s founding.

Radio Free Asia commented that, in the past, China needed more favors from the West, so it made many compromises. Now, however, it has money, so not only does it no longer need to yield, but it can also influence Western politicians, businessmen, and scholars. After the group of practical, rational members retires, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is likely to be taken over by a group of “fighting wolfs.” If the West does not organize an effective counterattack, Beijing’s aggressive diplomacy will continue.

A commentator told Radio Free Asia that Beijing felt the present time presents a good opportunity for it to challenge the West, since China is getting over the coronavirus epidemic, while the Western countries are falling down. Also, Beijing wants to stir up strong nationalism to help itself get over the lack of morals in society, the economic crisis, and social problems resulting from the pandemic.

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