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Economic Information Daily: China Holds Potent Weapons to Act against U.S. Trade Protectionism

Economic Information Daily, which is related to Xinhua News Agency, published an article on March 26, 2010, regarding the global responses to “America’s increasing trade protectionism.” Song Hong, Director of the International Trade Research Office at the Institute of World Politics and Economy in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said, “China also has potent weapons to deal with U.S. trade protectionism.”

Song Hong pointed out from the trade perspective, “China can impose restrictions on the imports of American agricultural products, aircraft and others. China can also decrease its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds.” Song further said, “From the non-economic perspective, the United States needs China’s support on the Iran and North Korean nuclear weapons issues.” “In addition, promoting a free trade zone in Asia is another of China’s options,” reported Economic Information Daily.

Source: Economic Information Daily, March 26, 2010