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WHO: G7 Countries Seek a Review and Reform of the WHO

Amidst many criticisms over the World Health Organization (WHO) for taking a pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) position in releasing information about the novel coronavirus and leading the world’s virus containment efforts, the G7 group of industrialized nations called for a review and reform process at the WHO and agreed to ensure a coordinated global approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

The White House stated that, on April 16, the leaders from the G7 group held a meeting and that, “The leaders recognized that the G7 nations annually contribute more than a billion dollars to the WHO, and much of the conversation centered on the lack of transparency and chronic mismanagement of the pandemic by the WHO. The leaders called for a thorough review and reform process.”

President Trump announced earlier this week that the United States would suspend its funding to the WHO while it conducted a review of its handling of the pandemic.

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Source: Reuters, April 16, 2020