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Hiding Information: Inner Mongolia Health Commission Trained People in January

The Epoch Times reported that it has obtained provincial documents from China that supported the evidence the Associated Press (AP) reported earlier: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knew of the severity of the coronavirus and the likelihood of person-to-person transmission on January 14, 2020; it passed down instructions to local health officials to take cautious measures immediately but did not disclose the information to the public until January 20, six days later. (See Chinascope post: Hiding Information: Document Showed the CCP Hid Information for Six Critical Days of Virus Containment).

The Epoch Times obtained eight documents from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (AR), which the government marked as secret, including the “Notice on Participating in the National Video Conference Training on the Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Work,” and the “Urgent Notice on the (Inner Mongolia) AR Video Conference Training on the Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Work.”

The documents showed that the government passed the coronavirus training from the central government down to local healthcare practitioners in teleconferences, but informed participants that the information in the teleconferences were “not allowed to be released to public.”

On January 15, the China’s National Health Commission held a confidential national teleconference with provincial health officials on coronavirus treatment. (AP reported the date as January 14, 2020).

On January 17, the Inner Mongolia Health Commission held an AR-level teleconference with the healthcare officials from the AR’s cities and Leagues (an administrative region under the Inner Mongolia AR, similar to Prefectures in the other provinces of China), to provide training on infection case identification and monitoring, management of suspected infectors and people who have had close contact with infected patients, the epidemiological investigation plan, the pneumonia laboratory test plan, etc.

On January 20, the Xilingol League Health Commission held a League-level teleconference with its own healthcare officials, to provide the related training.

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Source: Epoch Times, April 19, 2020