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Justice: Argentine Attorney Filed First Criminal Lawsuit against China; Nigerian Attorney Sued China

#1: On April 16, attorney Alejandro Sánchez Kalbermatten of Argentina filed a criminal lawsuit against China in Argentina’s Criminal and Correctional Court 12. Kalbermatten Sued China for genocide through intentionally concealing the information about the coronavirus.

Kalbermatten is seeking, under the criminal investigation framework, to find out the origin of the coronavirus, who should be responsible, why it happened, for what geo-political purpose, as well as whether the deaths and crises that this global pandemic has caused constitute genocide or crimes against humanity. These crimes should be investigated and tried by the International Criminal Court in accordance with the Rome Statute.

This is the first criminal case against the communist regime in China regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Kalbermatten also plans a class action lawsuit against China. He expressed that the World Health Organization (WHO) was also responsible for this pandemic. (Epoch Times)

#2: A coalition of Nigerian lawyers filed a lawsuit against China. They are demanding $200 billion in damages for the “loss of lives, economic strangulation, trauma, hardship, social disorientation, mental torture, and disruption of the normal daily existence of the people in Nigeria.” The lead attorney is Prof. Epiphany Azinge of the law firm Azinge and Azinge.

Azinge is currently a member of the Commonwealth Arbitral Tribunal in London, representing Nigeria and Africa. (Daily Post)

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1. Excerpt in Chinese:

据Infobae报导,阿根廷律师卡尔伯马滕(Alejandro Sánchez Kalbermatten)于4月16日向阿根廷联邦刑事与轻罪法庭12(the Criminal and Correctional Court 12)提出诉讼,起诉理由是:故意并掩盖全球性的病毒性种族灭绝。他并发送电子邮件通知了设在海牙的国际刑事法院。


阿根廷另一家媒体Jujuy al Momento报导,卡尔伯马滕还将在全国范围内开展针对受病毒影响的受害者的“集体诉讼”。


Source: Epoch Times, April 29, 2020

2. Source: Daily Post, April 26, 2020

Nigerian lawyers drag China to court over COVID-19, demands $200b damages