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Justice: Chinese Citizen Sued Hubei Government

Tan Jun, a Hubei Citizen, filed a lawsuit against the Hubei Provincial government for concealing the epidemic information and causing the loss of people’s lives and assets. He is the first Chinese who sued the government for its liability for the coronavirus pandemic.

In his filing, Tan said that the Hubei Provincial government had known about the Wuhan Pneumonia epidemic and the person-to-person transmission by December 2020, but it still organized two major political conferences and a “ten thousand family feast” in January, causing the large-scaled, fast spread of the epidemic. Tan asked the Hubei Provincial government to post an apology on Hubei Daily newspaper for a day.

Tan first handed his lawsuit paper to Xiling District Court, Yichang City, Hubei Province on April 13. But he was told the district court does not have authority to process this administrative case. Then on April 15, he mailed it to the Wuhan Intermediate Court.

On the afternoon of April 13, the Domestic Safety Team of the Xiling District Police Department called Tan Jun to a police station, asking him to write a promise statement “not to publish any words or pictures related to the administrative lawsuit case on the Internet.”

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Source: China Citizen Movement, April 17, 2002