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NTDTV: Internal CCP Document Lists 20 Actions that Party Members Are “Not Allowed” to Do

Recently, a six-page internal document that the Central Committee and the State Council issued was revealed to the public. The document was dated May 20. It stipulates that there are a series of 20 political words and actions that are “not allowed” outside the working hours of the party members of the Central Committee and state organs.

Below is a partial list from the document of what is “not allowed.”

1. Expressing different opinions, especially making statements that deviate from the ‘two safeguards’ [Editor’s note: the two safeguards (两个维护) means resolutely safeguarding the core position of General Party Secretary Xi Jinping and the core position of the party; safeguarding the authority of the party and its centralized and unified leadership];
2. Making a “low level compliment or high-level praise with a manipulative or sarcastic undertone (低级红、高级黑)”;
3. Browsing reactionary websites and listening to or watching foreign reactionary radio and television programs;
4. Accepting media interviews, especially from foreign media;
5. Publishing “internal” information from work;
6. Ignoring the demands of the public using non-working hours as the excuse;
7. Forming an alumni association or a comrade’s association;
8. Disseminating speech that violates the party’s theories, guidelines, and policies;
9. Disapproving of the Central Authorities;
10. Discussing or disseminating political rumors and remarks that tarnish the image of the party and the country;
11. Forming cliques and factions within the party;
12. Becoming a two-faced person.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), June 7, 2020