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CNA: CCP Strengthens Ideological and Political Education in Schools at All Levels

The CCP has been strengthening ideological work, including ideological and political education, in schools at all levels.

On June 5, the Ministry of Education announced the introduction of “Guidelines for the Ideological and Political Development of the Higher Education Curriculum,” which will modify the contents of courses around the issues of political identity and national feelings. It proposes to include the subjects of “socialism with Chinese characteristics and education about the Chinese dream.” University students who are majoring in literature, business, education, science and engineering, agronomy, medicine, and the arts must take the course. The Ministry of Education will pick select universities to develop a teaching model first and will include the course evaluation results in the assessment of the university’s rankings in the future.

In May 2019, the Ministry of Education issued the “Training Plan for Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities (2019-2023)” and clearly stated that “efforts should be made to train dozens of famous teachers in ideological and political courses that have a wide range of influence, hundreds of leaders in teaching ideology and politics, and tens of thousands of elite teachers in ideology and politics.”

In January this year, the National Textbook Committee issued the “National Textbook Development Plan for Primary and Secondary Schools (2019-2022)” and required that people who compile textbooks must have a firm political position.

Source: Central News Agency, June 5, 2020