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Chinese Communists’ Video Conference with Communist Leaders in Latin America

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) mouthpiece newspaper People’s Daily, on June 9, the CCP’s International Liaison Department held a video conference with leaders of Communist Parties in Latin American. The paper reported that the meeting discussed issues such as adhering to the mission of Communists, cooperation in battling the epidemic, and opposition to using the epidemic to stigmatize the party. Attendees included communist leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Song Tao, head of the International Liaison Department promised continued assistance to those countries. In return, “The Latin Communist leaders spoke highly of the CCP’s leadership in the fight against the epidemic and thanked the CCP for its assistance through inter-party channels. They also condemned individual countries’ attempts to politicize the epidemic and stigmatize China. In addition, they affirmed their support for the ‘one China’ and ‘one country, two systems’ principles, and opposed any external forces that interfered in China’s internal affairs.”

Source: People’s Daily, June 10, 2020