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Hong Kong’s Security Czar: HKPF Plans National Security Law Enforcement

John Lee, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Security in charge of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), confirmed that, in cooperation with the upcoming national security law, the HKPF is planning to set up a dedicated team to implement the national security work.

Lee told the media that, although the law is being drafted, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must get ready with sufficient manpower so that the laws can be enforced immediately after taking effect.

He added that, after the promulgation and enactment of the national security law, Hong Kong has the responsibility to do the job of maintaining national security. “Therefore, the Hong Kong government must be ready to carry out relevant deployment. This includes preparing sufficient manpower and providing training so that the law enforcement officers can perform their duties in this area.”

Source: Central News Agency, June 11, 2020