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Former CCP Party School Professor: CCP Has Become a Political Zombie

Cai Xia, a former professor of the Central Party School of the CCP, made some remarks at a private forum saying that the CCP has become a political zombie. The remarks were then reported and appeared on the Internet.

Cai Xia stated that there is no way out of the current system itself. “There is no point in reforming the system. Speaking from the bottom line, this system must be cast away.” Cai Xia believes that after the CCP reform and opening up, the two most fundamental problems have not been solved: one is the system and the other is theory.”

Cai Xia stated that the CCP has become a “political zombie.”  “The CCP has come to its end.”

Cai Xia warned that if nothing is done now, “we will only be able to watch the free fall of the system, wait for him [Xi Jinping] to have a free fall and for the society to collapse; then we would start from the beginning. I think this is a highly probable path. If so, China will be in major chaos within five years.

Source: Radio France Internationale, June 4, 2020