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Debate: Is Sichuan Earth Quake Related to Zipingpu Dam?

After Science magazine published an article “Seismology: A human trigger for the great quake of Sichuan?” (January 16, 2009 edition), China Daily interviewed a scholar of the China Engineering Academy, Chen Houqun, to rebut the point of the Science article, that Zipingpu Dam contributed to the earthquake.

BBC Chinese then pointed out that there are many obvious loopholes in Chen’s rebuttal and listed those loopholes in detail. It also pointed out that there are several indications that the Chinese government was aware of the earthquake and had taken certain actions to prepare for it, including releasing the water from Zipingpu Dam, which can be concluded from Chen’s statement, as well. But the Chinese government didn’t announce the earthquake to the public and continues to deny its awareness.

Source: BBC Chinese, April 1, 2009