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Xinhua and CCTV to Invest in Enhancing China’s Soft Power Overseas

In order to enhance its global influence and carry out the directive from the central administration to focus on propaganda work overseas, China has laid out a media strategy to build up its overseas media power. It will "follow the rules of the games (with the Western media) but is also capable of expressing a completely different position and perspective."

Xinhua and CCTV are actively recruiting resources worldwide so they can "bring China’s voice overseas." With projected financial loss of 20 million yuan in the first year, Global Times launched its English edition on April 20, making it China’s second English language news media published outside of China (the other is the People’s Daily). Xinhua said it will add more languages to its online news and invest in mobile news services. CCTV will add Russian and Arabic to its foreign language channels and hopes to have 11 new channels in 7 languages within the next three years.

Source: Sing Tao News Network, April 27, 2009