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Pro-China Taiwanese Businessman Bought Out Media Giants in Taiwan and Hong Kong

In November 2008, Cai Yan Ming (Tsai Eng-meng), CEO of WantWant Holding Group reshaped Taiwan’s media landscape by buying the media entities operated under Taiwan media giant “China Times Media Group” which include “China Times,” “Commercial Times," “China Times Weekly,” “CTI Television” and “China Television." Three months later, Cai bought out Asia Television in Hong Kong.

Cai ranked number nine in Forbes richest people in Taiwan and is the founder of Wantwant Holding Group with business investments in food, real estate, restaurant and hospital businesses in mainland China. Cai’s recent shift into the media industry has drawn suspicion as to whether the source of the funding is linked to the mainland. Cai is said to have close ties with the mainland as he was seen with Chen Yunling, chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits during his unpopular visit to Taiwan last November.

Source: Epoch Times Magazine