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Study Times: Attach Great Importance to National Strategic Research

Study Times, a magazine by CCP Central Party School, recently published an article on the importance and urgency of enhancing research efforts of national strategic issues. The article indicated that wide, systematic and deep researches on economics development strategies, political development strategies, culture development strategies and social development strategies are urgently needed today.

The article drilled down to sub-strategies and relationships between the above mentioned major strategic areas. It also suggested that the government should establish National Strategic Research Institute, which should: (1) Gather experienced scholars specialized in various areas to learn from advanced countries; (2) Hold high level training classes for high ranking government officials to enhance strategic thinking; (3) Establish post-doctoral stations to ensure continued supply of talents; (4) Construct National Strategic Information System; (5) Publish National Strategic Research and Consulting Magazine to facilitate communications.

Source: Study Times, May 18, 2009.