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World Outbreak: 37 Countries Reported Record High Daily Infection Count in the Past Week

On July 25, Reuters reported that 37 countries have reported record single-day increases in the coronavirus infections over the past week. This includes not only the leading infection countries like the United States, Brazil, and India, but also countries including Spain, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Israel, and others.

The Reuters data, compiled from official reports, shows a steady rise in the number of countries reporting record daily increases over the past month. At least seven countries recorded such increases three weeks ago; at least 13 countries two weeks ago; 20 countries last week; and 37 countries this week.

The true numbers of both cases and deaths are almost certainly underreported, particularly in countries with poorer health care systems.

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Source: Reuters, July 25, 2020