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World Outbreak: California Church Network Sued Governor Newsom over Ban on Worship

On July 17, a network of California churches filed a lawsuit against California Governor Newsom, against his announcement to close or suspend indoor activities at many facilities, including places of worship.

The churches believe that the worship service has “been essential for 2,000 years.”

It also challenged Newsom for having a double standard in banning the indoor church service while state officials had been encouraging protests.

Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, representing Harvest International Ministry in the lawsuit, said in a statement on the lawsuit: “Newsom encourages tens of thousands of people to gather for mass protests, he bans all in-person worship and home Bible studies and fellowship. Such repression is well-known in despotic governments, and it is shocking that even home fellowship is banned in America.”  “This outrage will not stand!”

On July 15, three Northern California churches, including Calvary Chapel of Ukiah, Calvary Chapel of Fort Bragg, and River of Life Church in Oroville, filed a lawsuit, seeking to block Newsom’s July 1 ban on singing in houses of worship to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Source: Fox News, July 20, 2020