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TechNews: Huawei Urges Suppliers to Ship before the U.S. Ban

Taiwanese technology news site TechNews recently reported that Huawei has lately switched to “survival mode” and is trying to establish a large enough chip stock before the U.S. ban takes effect on September 14. According to sources familiar with the matter from among Huawei’s key Taiwanese suppliers, namely MediaTek, Realtek, Novatek and RichWave, Huawei has been calling suppliers at 4 AM in the morning or setting up midnight teleconferences urging them to sending shipments. Samsung, SK Hynix, and even optical lens manufacturers are also rushing their shipments due to the fact that all these vendors use U.S. technology. In some cases, Huawei obtained agreements from suppliers to ship half-made products or products that have not yet passed the quality assurance (QA) processes. However, one of the largest Huawei suppliers, MediaTek, issued a statement clarifying that they will not ship any products without QA. Some companies declined to comment on the inquiry.

Source: TechNews, August 26, 2020