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SETN: Indian Government Is Silently Removing Huawei

Sanlih, one of the primary Taiwanese TV stations, recently reported that, with the worsening of the China-India relationship, the movement inside the Indian government to eliminate Huawei’s presence in India has been expanding quietly. Although India has not officially announced a ban on Huawei and ZTE, yet multiple central government ministers have been telling the Indian domestic telecommunications companies to avoid deploying equipment made in China, including 5G network equipment. A high-ranking executive from India’s top communications service provider said the government has already blocked all Chinese bidders from having access to India’s 5G network tests. “It’s now very clear – it’s game over,” said this anonymous source. India is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications market, with 850 million users. Huawei was established as a major supplier for all three of India’s top telecommunications providers. If the government were to ban Huawei, it would be a massive setback for Huawei. Another government source suggested that India may not issue an official ban to avoid angering China; however, the Modi administration has been “on high alert.”

Source: SETN, August 25, 2020