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New Regulations Prohibit Receiving Satellite Programs

The Chinese State Administration for Radio, Film and Television passed a new ordinance, “Regulations on Managing Ground Reception Equipment for Satellite Television Broadcast” and “Temporary Measures for Installation Service of Ground Reception Equipment for Satellite Television Broadcasts.” This regulation dictates new rules concerning the sale and installation of satellite dishes and decoders. Only government authorized manufacturers and retailers are allowed to manufacture and sell such equipment. Imports need government consent and an individual is not allowed to bring such equipment into or mail them to the country. Installation also needs government authorization. Any unlicensed person is not granted permission to install the equipment. (Ed – Satellite dishes allow Chinese people to view non-government television and radio programs. The Chinese government has been highly aggressive in stopping people from viewing such programs, including New Tang Dynasty Television and other US-based independent TV networks).

Source: China News Agency, September 15, 2009