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Xinhua: Central Government’s New Arrangement for Stability

Because of the widespread international financial crisis, China has a much greater social stability problem to deal with, especially when there are more and more “sensitive periods.” The following points summarize some of the successful experiences: (1) Trying to solve important issues people have their focus on; (2) Establishing a risk assessment system; (3) Enforcing the responsibilities of leadership on all levels; (4) Enhancing grass roots work at the base level ; (5) Responding quickly on sensitive incidents with press “guidance”; (6) Firmly and artfully fighting the hostile forces’ penetrations.

The current two biggest “tough battles” are maintaining stability in Xinjiang and maintaining the safety of the 60th anniversary celebration. Social stability is now considered the top responsibility of the leaders of the Party and of the government at all levels.

Source: Xinhua, September 7, 2009.