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India Is Coming up with New Trade Barriers for China

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that, according to two anonymous Indian government officials and one industrial official, India will soon ask domestic importers to register. The purpose is to protect domestic manufacturers. The next step will be to impose import restrictions on copper and aluminum so that the government must approve all import contracts. India buys a large amount of copper and aluminum from China. The up-coming plan also includes the implementation of Prime Minister Modi’s strategy to reduce imports and to increase India’s exports of high value-added products. The registration requirement is also designed to track more accurately and to understand the level of metal dumping into the Indian market. The Indian Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Commerce refused to comment on this matter. India has been creating new anti-China trade policies recently, such as the ban on hundreds of Chinese mobile apps. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce expressed the opinion that India has been violating the legal rights of both Chinese investors and the Indian consumers.

Source: Sina, September 10, 2020